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My Process and Style

My process is a blended model of product strategy, communication theory and ux principles. I believe that before you can deliver valuable solutions, you must first dive to the root of the problem or project to understand the customers or clients core needs.

Once there, I prioritize tasks to maximize the value delivered from each sprint and begin the process of knockin' 'em out.

A diagram I created to highlight my process for approaching problems and designing user-centered solutions

When your Project Management tool doesn’t have the capability of making a velocity tracker – you make one yourself! Here is a sample Sprint Tracker I created as a template to use when implementing Kent Beck’s ‘Yesterday’s Weather’ approach to ensure we always delivered accurate estimates and stayed on task.

Sample requirements template I like to use to keep everyone on the same page with new feature development.

“Always be testing” is a motto I live by with both Product and Project management. As the lead on a product or new project, I commit to knowing every corner of our entity and use this helpful template to track my testing and my bugs.

The survey was distributed to all participants who allowed us to ‘shadow’ their work in the existing sales modules. The survey was geared towards clarifying and articulating observations made during these sessions. This image is representative of the strongest development findings.

Two personas arose during our investigation that highlighted very different workflows and needs for the existing sales process. These two personas were given fictional attributes but married with true tasks and statistics from each group.

  • Role Product Manager; Project Manager; Process Consultant

  • For Origent Data Sciences, Mobility Labs, Kit Check Inc., Agora Inc.

  • Date Present

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