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Anesthesia Check

A new product for DC healthcare startup Kit Check. We took a paper-driven medication tracking process and created more automation and intuitive integrations with our beta partner’s Pharmacy and Anesthesia EMR modules, allowing them to spend more time with patients and less time with tedious documentation.

Anesthesia Check was built to streamline the documentation and paperwork process for Anesthesiologists during surgery. Our device combined software and hardware into a platform for the clinicians to spend less time in the EMRs and more time with their patients.

Our product focused on simplicity and created an easy to use workflow that guided clinicians to their next steps.

Once a clinician had scanned the Kit Check RFID tag against the product, we could pull in their medication list and help them find their patient.

As the Anesthesiologist administered medication to their patient for surgery, we received administration messages from their EMR to help them keep track, visually, of their dosage and waste.

The final product showed Anesthesiologists what they gave their patient and how much to expect leftover after the procedure had concluded.

  • Role Product Designer/Manager

  • For Kit Check Inc.

  • Date March 2016

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