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ForecastOne ALS

Built for ALS Clinicians to help them better coordinate care for their patients, ForecastOne ALS incorporates machine-learning algorithms to predict patient progression across major symptomatic events such as the need for a Wheelchair or Feeding Tube.

Our entry screen aims to be as efficient and fast as possible. Even for a beta, we wanted to use modern UI elements and so we borrowed from google’s Material Design Lite templates to help us get a working product out the door, faster.

Once a clinician inputs their patient data, we run the data through our award-winning machine learning algorithms to plot the patient’s risk percentile against other studied patients.

Finally, our Forecast Report shows the predicted probability for the patient’s likelihood of experiencing certain symptomatic events over a period of time from the visit date.

  • Role Head of Product

  • For Origent Data Sciences

  • Date May 2017

  • Type Beta application for use in partner clinics across the US

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