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Joell is a force behind our product-ivity. Thanks to her, my day is considerably easier as a Lead Application Developer with her design prototyping, requirements wrangling, product user engagement, conflict resolution, and team leadership efforts. Any leader with a strong vision, software value proposition, and a budget, would find Joell to be one of those people that can navigate the maze and make a real product contender for them.

Bob Loblaw and Peter A Venkman have achieved more for our product growth than we thought possible, thanks to Joell’s unique “Let’s Shepp it!” approach to product management. Joell finds effective and clever ways to facilitate velocity and priority through personas, designs, and requirements with key stakeholders.

  • Andrew Conklin, Lead App Developer | Origent Data Sciences

Joell came into new project and quickly found the position to best assist the team and hit the ground running. She evaluated and adjusted our processes to best align with accomplishing goals and growing our business. During our time together, Joell taught me the value of an experienced product manager and she quickly earned the trust and respect of our remote design and development teams. Joell’s not afraid to own the responsibility for a product while sharing the success with the team.

  • Sean Perkins, CEO | Mobility Labs

I’ve been fortunate to work under Joell’s product direction on two separate projects. She is hands down the most thorough product owner I saw at work. Every question the developers could possibly have about the product had been thought of beforehand, and expounded clear and eloquently. Joell has the gift of empathy, which in addition to communicating with a development team, is a fantastic asset when it comes to really understanding the audience for a product. As the meme goes, any successful venture needs to not only build the thing right, but also build the right thing. With Joell at the helm, building the right thing is par for the course.

  • Julio Santos, Managing Partner | Life On Mars

Joell drives projects forward with passion and enthusiasm. She solves problems with a focus on the user and always fights for what is right. She is never afraid to dive in technically or do whatever it takes to move the project forward. In addition to this she brings a positive energy and zeal to all undertakings.

  • Christian Doyle, Development Lead | Kit Check Inc.

Dependable doesn't even begin to touch Joell's level of commitment to a product team. She is an adaptable leader who brings grit and enthusiasm to every project - be it an enterprise-level integration or just a few friends at a hack-a-thon. Joell is the complete package. Do not miss a chance to work with her!

  • Meg Kemp, Director of User Experience | Catholic Relief Services

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